Business Card Magnets Come in Many Styles

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Business card magnets provide multiple styles to choose from. This flexibility allows for a company to define itself through the use of customized images, shapes and sizes. No company has a one size fits all look so creating a custom design is essential.

The most widely used business card magnet is the traditional business card look. Most companies keep the size and shape of a traditional card the same. They also lay out the format the same and include all relevant information- just as you would see on the card stock form.

Then, there are companies who are looking to create a more customized look. These types of companies often times want to stand out because competition is strong or they just want to be different. Factors such as custom shaped magnets and even the use of stock shape magnets help to brand a company’s image.

Some businesses choose to integrate their business card magnet design onto a calendar magnet or a photo frame magnet. By doing this, they are increasing the chances of the business card magnet making it up onto a fridge or a filing cabinet. People often times keep items such as calendar magnets and photo frame magnets even if they do not need the services of the company. They keep them because they are useful. The good news is that even if they don’t need your services then, they might need them later. Moreover, even if they never need them, they will have a reference for someone else who might.

Figure out which business card magnet style will work out best for your company and contact us today. You will be glad you did- the results speak for themselves.

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