Business Card Magnets Vs. Business Cards

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Businesses and companies, no matter how large or small, need representation. Representation is often referred as advertising or promoting. Most companies rely on giving business cards for a potential or current customer to remember them or reference them. Business cards have been around for a long time and work good but many companies are turning to business card magnets in addition to the traditional business card for a number of reasons.

Business card magnets offer the same benefits of a traditional business card. They contain the same information as you would see on a business card. In fact, they are the same size and shape. So if they are so similar, why get them?

Quality Made
Business card magnets that are quality made with withstand a lot more than a traditional business card. They are made of magnets, an image and lamination. Not all companies use the same process as We provide the highest quality in everything we do. From the complete 30 mil thick magnet to the UV gloss lamination, your customized magnets are sure to hold up to whatever comes its way!

Note: Some companies use a clear ink overlay on the magnets which produces a very think covering that does not withstand any form of liquid or chemical contact. What this means for you is that the image printed on the one side of the magnet will be ruined. It can start to fray, bleed or even become removed altogether. Simple handling can cause it to look distorted and worn. This is why getting a quality magnet is very important.

Business Card Magnets Have a Distinct Place
If you are like most people, receiving a business card is often times fairly inconvenient; especially when you want to reference the card for later. Being the frailty of card stock, cards have to be placed in a wallet or other flat lying container in order to remain intact. With business card magnets, they can easily be put in anything and still look great afterwards until they get to their final destination- the fridge or filing cabinet!

There is a far better chance for a business card magnet to survive during the “in limbo” transition period. Moreover, it will be easily referenced because it does have a specific spot in a location which is very accessible and popular- the kitchen. Where do business cards usually end up? They can be found filed away in the garbage can, squished in the back of the drawer and some even make it farther and get indexed in a box with a thick layer of dust over it. The question is- would you rather be “indexed” or on the fridge or filing cabinet where multiple people see the company business card magnet multiple times a day?

The choice is clear when it comes to the traditional business cards versus business card magnets. Business card magnets get you more recognition for a longer period of time. Best yet, they are very affordable!

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