Tips for Designing Customized Fridge Magnets

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Custom fridge magnets are very effective by default. Even some of the worst designed magnets have still made it onto a fridge just based on the simple fact it was useful. There is, however, something to be said about well-designed customized fridge magnets for businesses.

If you are a company that is looking into the benefits of having customized fridge magnets, it is important to know how your design will impact the way customers view your company. A well-designed business magnet will not only make it to the refrigerator, it will also stay there for a longer period of time and be referenced more. In order to create a design that maximizes your investment into your customized fridge magnets, follow the below tips:

Don’t Over-do It!
When creating your magnet design, be sure not to over-do it. Think of your fridge magnet as a billboard or banner. When you are driving down the road, do you even attempt to look at banners and billboards that have a ton of information on them? If you do, do you notice everything they are trying to tell you on there? Ten to one, your answer is a resounding no. In certain advertising situations, those advertised to do not have the time to look at the complete message if it is long. This results in a person not even attempting to read it or a person being confused. Keeping it simple is applicable to both the words and the images. Too many images can make a magnet design look cluttered.

Use Colors for Customized Fridge Magnets Appropriately
Colors used on customized fridge magnets should be clearly readable. This means that the font color contrasts with the back image nicely and is neither too stark nor too camouflaged. It is important to get that in between where colors are easy to look at and read. Often times white text on a black background is too stark and often times makes reading the information hard. By changing the color to a very dark grey, which might be interpreted by some as black, you are lessening the harshness and creating an easier to read text.

When creating background color or images, it is important that colors do not clash or create an unpleasant feel. In the right situations, just about any color can be effective. The idea is to make each one of the colors on the magnet work in harmony.

Create a Clear Message
Customized fridge magnets are not designed to tell the life story of your company. Instead, they are created in order to let the potential customer know about the products or services you offer and then supply them with the information they need to contact you with. Customized magnets can also be used for promotional purposes. Business magnets that promote a service, specific product or event need to be very clear in the message. This usually involves more images than text.

In order to create a clear statement, take out filler words and unnecessary content that might not contribute to the overall message. Entice them to look into your promotion further- do not give everything away right off hand.

Following these tips will help you create customized fridge magnets that will be professional and effective.

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