Birth Announcement Magnets

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Custom birth announcement magnets are a great idea for a number of reasons. When parent send out baby announcements, it often times includes a picture of the baby right after it was born. This is a special moment in friends and families lives and they love to celebrate the new born baby.

Instead of sending a card with a photo in the inside of it, send a custom baby announcement magnet instead! The recipients will get more out of the magnet and have a great place to display the picture of the new bundle of joy. The refrigerator is something people pass by and open multiple times in a single day. Not to mention, anything that is on the refrigerator is available for all to see- not just one person.

Custom photo birth announcement magnets allow the parents to create whatever design they choose. The design could be pink or blue, include images of toys, bears and more around the actual photo frame half of the announcement magnet!

When creating your custom photo birth announcement magnets, be sure to include all the important information friends and family will want to know including, height, weight, day the baby was born as well as the time. Those are the traditional specifics, however, parents can add as much or as little as they want!

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