What to Know When Creating Custom Magnets

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When you are ready to create custom magnets, it is important to review a few things about magnets before you make the final decision. Below you will find helpful tips and information to guide you through what to expect when looking to create custom magnets.

A Reputable Company
It is very important to select a company that is reputable and has a good track record of providing custom magnets to happy customers. Customer service means everything when conducting a transaction with a company. Although you might not have any hiccups, it is good to know that if you do, they will fix them appropriately. Moreover, companies who are reputable, such as, will deliver quality product in a professional timeframe.

Selecting Magnet Style
Be sure to leave yourself plenty of options when creating a custom magnet design. Try to look at calendar magnets, photo frame magnets, information magnets and more. Consider each option and decide which one will work the best for you. Remember, the more you can offer a potential customer, the more open they will be to your offer. This is why calendar and photo frame custom magnets are very popular in the personal and business world.

Create the Custom Magnet Design
Custom magnets have unique designs about them that are tailored to the person or company. When doing this, it is important to use the right colors, verbiage, and clarity in order to communicate your advertisement effectively. Find out more tips about custom magnets design.

Understand What You Are Getting
It is important to understand quality differences in magnets. Quality magnets, like the ones on our site, are 30 mil in thickness. This allows for the magnet to stick appropriately but still be moved to different locations easily without damaging the magnet itself. Payless Magnets selections have a 20 mil thick magnet side with a 10 mil thick printed image side. The thicker magnet side indicates a higher quality magnet.

When it comes to lamination, we use a UV gloss lamination that provides top protection. As magnets are handled, non-quality magnets become worn and ragged looking. With the lamination used by our company, cleaning products, liquids and constant handling do not deteriorate the quality of the magnet.

The process of ordering custom magnets is easy. Simply choose the style and size of the magnet you want to customize and upload your image. We will take care of the rest! Our checkout process is convenient and provides buyers other options when ordering. We pride ourselves on delivering quality custom magnets and delivering customer service that is superior.

You can create your custom magnets to any specifications you choose in order to get the perfect product and result that your company needs.

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