Why Promotional Magnets Are Cost Effective

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If you are here, you are probably wondering what promotional magnets have over any other form of promotions. Among the many benefits of promotional magnet advertising, being cost effective ranks high on the list. In the business world, cost effectiveness is an important factor when looking to invest in anything.

Below are some things you might not have thought about when considering promotional magnets.

1. The initial cost of promotional magnets, depending on which style you get is about equal to the amount you would spend on good quality business cards.

2. They reach a larger audience. When handing out advertising material such as a flyer, it typically only reaches one person. When you use a promotional magnet, there is a greater chance that they will not only be seen by the recipient but seen by other members of a household or office as well.

3. They have a great chance of not being thrown away, tossed aside or forgotten about. When a traditional business card, flyer or mailer gets thrown away, the investment was a complete loss and not even remotely cost effective – even if the initial investment was significantly cheaper!

4. They last a lot longer than a card, mailer or flyer. Even if the flyer or mailer was kept, a promotional magnet will remain looking good and easily referenced much longer of a time span.

In general, promotional magnets are one of the most cost effective means of advertising that a business can do and still remain highly effective.

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