Why Choose Fridge Magnets for Advertising?

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Advertising is an essential part of a successful business. Fridge magnets can turn out to be your best friend in your advertising endeavors. Below are some reasons why many people have turned to advertising with fridge magnets over other conventional advertising methods.

They Are Affordable

Fridge magnets are a very affordable advertising option; especially when compared to other options that offer high exposure such as television ads, newspaper ads and more. The price you spend on a customized business magnet is often times what you pay for a direct postcard mailer- and sometimes less!

Fridge Magnets Are Highly Effective
The success rate of fridge magnets is much higher than that of flyers, mailers and business cards. Those who have used these other forms of advertising in the past can vouch that most of the time they get thrown away.

Fridge Magnets Are Useful
Advertising fridge magnets are useful not only in their advertising and promotional ability but they are also useful to the recipient. Payless Magnets fridge magnets can hold up to 5 sheets of 20lb paper stock. There are also many magnet styles that are available such as calendar magnets, photo frame magnets, info magnets, sports magnets and more.

They Look Professional
Fridge magnets look professional due to their quality and last longer. Business card magnets are especially effective because unlike a traditional business card, the magnets do not wear down, get crinkled edges or even lose their color.

These are just a few of the many reasons why businesses choose to advertise with fridge magnets.

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