Custom Refrigerator Magnets

Welcome to Payless Magnets, manufacturers and suppliers of custom refrigerator magnets, where we focus on quality.

Our business customers expect nothing less than the best which is why, throughout the years, they have re-ordered their advertising magnets through us.

If you’re looking for cheap printed magnets at wholesale prices but still expect quality printing, then you’ve come to the right place. You can expect the same value when you order your custom made magnets online through Payless Magnets.

Why Custom Fridge Magnets?

Picture this. People spend a lot of time in the kitchen, often reaching for something in the fridge.

Imagine how many times this happens every day. You’re looking at thousands of times every year.

Your imprinted magnets are like mini billboards, a perfect sized marketing medium. It’s free advertising real estate.

Why not take advantage of the fridge door for your next promotion? When you hand out business cards, hand out personalized fridge magnets instead and watch business soar.

Why Us?

Why not begin your next promotional campaign with magnets from Payless Magnets. To get started, select a category from our drop-down menu above. You won’t be sorry you did.