5 Steps to Creating Successful Designs for Custom Magnets

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When creating a custom magnets design for a company, it is important to take many factors in to consideration. The two most important factors to consider are the professionalism and clarity. Both of these points are the difference between a good magnet campaign and a highly successful magnet campaign.

Step 1: Choosing a Magnet Style
A magnet style is a specific magnet. There are many magnet styles to choose from on our site and each one has a specific purpose. Our magnet styles include: Business Card Magnets, Square & Rectangle, Stock Shape, Custom Shaped Magnets, Photo Frame Magnets, Save the Date Magnets, Calendar, Sports Schedule and Info Magnets.

Step 2: Choose the Right Colors
For those selecting a colored background instead of an image, be sure to choose colors wisely. There are many pitfalls when it comes to color. Some common mistakes are white lettering on black, similar colors with not enough contrast, hard to read colors in text such as yellow, clashing colors. Another thing to keep in mind is the way colors come across. For companies in the restaurant business, green is often times a great color to use because it symbolizes freshness such as vegetable greens. Tones such as browns mixed with greens and beiges result in a warm and earthy feeling that could be used for environmentally aware groups and businesses.

Step 3: Choose Your Wording
Always spend a lot of thought on wording. On any custom magnet there is so much space to get your message across. Whether you are creating a custom save the date magnet or any of the other custom magnets choices, the message should be clear. Avoid using excessive wording and fillers. Try to use images when possible to communicate a certain event or message. Often, images relay messages better than words. They are also processed faster and when on a fridge, translate better.

Always spell check everything you do and come up with alternate wording in case one does not work appropriately. It is important to also lay out your design from left to right. This is the natural way we look at and read items.

Step 4: Have Your Customized Magnet Design Proofed
Have one of more people look over your custom magnets design. This will ensure correct spelling and grammar, layout, color choice and overall appeal. Be sure to get a full analysis of what the reviewer thinks and take into consideration any suggestions that they have for your custom magnet design.

Step 5: Order the Magnet
The process for ordering on Payless Magnets is simple. Simply decide the style and size you want, email us your custom magnets design (or we can create it for you for FREE) and we will create full color magnets that will look professional and clear.

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