3 Tips to Selecting Wedding Save the Date Magnets

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You may have heard that many people are now switching to wedding save the date magnets. Many couples have replaced the traditional save the date with save the date magnets for many reasons. The most important reason, however, is the fact that they are simply more effective in their intended purposes.

Save the dates are meant to remind a person of a wedding that will take place. When traditional card stock selections are sent to guests, they have a large opportunity of getting ruined or tossed aside. If you want a save the date option that will work, not get ruined or shoved in the back of a junk drawer then opt for save the date wedding magnets. They are very affordable and allow you customize them and create a unique presence.

The Traditional Wedding Save the Date Magnets

The traditional style wedding save the date magnets includes those that are square or rectangular shaped. They are simple, include all the necessary information and are what people expect in a save the date.

Tip 1: If you are going to select this wedding magnet, be sure to not over do –it. In other words, keep it simple. In order to do this, try centering information with images surrounding the center. This remains clear and focused as well as easy to reference.

Photo Frame Wedding Save the Date Magnets

Photo frame wedding magnets are an excellent choice for a save the date. They combine the benefits of a traditional save the date but then add an extra surprise- the option to place a photo of their choice in the frame. People love this selection because they can use it even after the wedding date has passed.

Tip 2: When designing the save the date photo frame wedding magnet, include the picture of the couple in the center magnet and the important information on the bottom of the magnet. This will help ensure that if the center is punched out where the guest places their own photo in, they still have the important information intact and see it on a daily basis.

Calendar Wedding Save the Date Magnets

This is quickly becoming a very popular option. With so many people being very business, event dates- no matter how special they are to someone, are sometimes placed on the back burner and forgotten. With the calendar wedding save the date magnets, couples are able to provide a quick view calendar for guests that they can place on their fridge at home or filing cabinet at the office.

Tip 3: Make your wedding date stand out by circling the date on the calendar magnet. This will automatically draw their attention to your wedding day every time!

Select the wedding save the date magnets that best fit your personality and need. No matter which one you select, Payless Magnets will make it something special. If you need help with the design, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you create a design that is unique and beautiful.

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