3 Effective Ways to Advertise with Fridge Magnets

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There are many ways businesses can advertise with fridge magnets. We have included 3 of the most popular ways to advertise with fridge magnets. Advertising this way will increase exposure to your company or event, be readily available to potential customers when they need your information and help brand your company and products.

Business Card Magnets
Business card magnets are possibly one of the best ways to advertise your business. These type of fridge magnets are very effective because they include all the information that people need to know about your company. They also look like a traditional business card in every respect- except they stick on a fridge for safe keeping. Many people are beginning to prefer business card magnets because they are less likely to be lost and much easier to reference. They are comparable in price to a traditional business card and provide a better return on investment.

Business card magnets can be handed out at the office, included in mailers or even given out at special events. Any place you hand out a business card you can hand out a business card magnet. They opportunities are truly endless- it’s simply an upgraded version of a card stock business card!

Through Special Events
Some of the best exposure a company can get is through special events. Advertising magnets such as photo frame magnets and calendar magnets are perfect for special events because they act as an advertising medium as well as a small give away. Why not be known for giving away items while getting the best advertising spot available- the fridge! With fridge magnets such as these, special event goers will be more open to accepting the fridge magnets into their home because they provide them a special use. A calendar is good for a year and a photo frame magnet is good for years on end. There are many special events your company can get involved with including with schools, local festivals, pop-warner teams little league and much more!

Teaming Up With Small Businesses
One of the best ways to advertise with fridge magnets is to team up with local small businesses in the area. If not in direct competition, some companies can be complimentary to your business. In this case, it can be mutually beneficial. You can display some of their materials and they can display your magnets. Instead of the regular card stock business cards that get ruined and unsightly after short time, magnets look good, look more professional and show initiative. This goes a long way when communicating with a small business owner that might be interested in displaying your fridge magnets.

Choosing to advertise with magnets gives a company an upper hand because people put more weight on items that are more professional. Moreover, magnets are something they can use. Even if they do not need your services, they will be exposed to them for later reference.

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