Photo Frame Magnets Make a Great School Fundraiser Idea

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Schools are always looking for a great school fundraiser idea. Selling candy bars, creating coupon books and selling stuff out of holiday magazines is often times very hard to do. Those techniques also send children into areas they should not be or talking to people they do not know.

Photo frame Magnets make great fundraiser ideas because they are easy to sell, affordable and can be custom made to fit any theme.

School spirit, football games, pep rallies and more rely on items such as calendars and items to store memories in. Photo frame magnets combine all of these items and roll it into one easy to use tool- a fridge magnet. Photo frame magnets can preserve the memories of a special event or school photo. The frame can have the school colors around it to enhance the look. The photo frame magnet could be just the frame with the punch out center, or, it could also include a yearly calendar of events for the school or simply just a calendar to keep the dates straight.

Quick view calendar photo frame magnets are very helpful and easy to reference. For busy students and parents alike, buying photo frame magnets is a lot more affordable than purchasing a planner. In general, photo frame magnets are an excellent price point for students, parents and the school. It is a win-win situation for all and promotes school spirit throughout the process. Check out Payless Magnets selection of photo frame magnets to see if they are a right fit for you. We can customize any magnet to your schools design and even assist you in the design process.

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