Personalized Wedding Magnets Give a Personal Touch

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If you are considering personalized wedding magnets for any of your wedding needs, you should know that the addition of such an item can really enhance your wedding. Below are a few ways you can give your personalized wedding magnets a touch of character.

Photo Frame Wedding Magnets
Add a personal touch by including a photo frame wedding magnet with a picture. You can place the important information of the wedding on the magnet below the frame area or even in the punch out center. There are some many design options for a photo frame wedding magnet and one of many couples’ favorites! Send a picture of the two of you together for a save the date wedding magnet or a picture of the two of you in your wedding attire for a thank you or wedding favor. The choice is up to you!

Personalized Calendar Wedding Magnets
These types of wedding magnets are a great idea- especially for those guests that are forgetful. Be sure to bring your wedding date to their attention by making the date a different color, circling the day on the calendar or any other way to make it “pop” out from the other design on the magnet. Calendar wedding magnets make great wedding favors because they can be used long after or long before the wedding even takes place.

Give your guests something they can use and remember your wedding by. Personalized wedding magnets are fun, creative, and very affordable.

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