Custom Save the Date Wedding Magnets You Won’t Forget

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Custom save the date wedding magnets are fun to make and offer a unique way to inform your guests of your wedding. Being that they are outside of the normal card stock save the date varieties, your guests will remember it because it was different. On top of that, you can create a design that is absolutely beautiful. With the combination of these two aspects, your save the date wedding magnets will be an item in your wedding that you will never forget!

The best way to create a design that will stay in your memory forever is to make something that is personal to the couple. Customized wedding magnets are perfect for this because they allow you to do virtually anything. When speaking of traditional save the date wedding options, they only allow so much customization until they start charging additional fees. With save the date wedding magnets, there are no extra charges- just the cost of the magnet! This means that you can have as many colors as you would like, create a custom design and not have to worry about certain restrictions. This not only makes it better but less stressful on the couple creating the design.

Add a special touch to your save the dates by making the magnet a calendar magnet or a photo frame magnet. There are advantages to both of these designs. The addition of either of these options, or a combination of both options will add a finishing touch that will truly be memorable.

A calendar save the date wedding magnet is both helpful in remembering the date of the wedding as well as useful. Guests will be able to reference days from the quick view calendar. Being that it stays on a fridge or filing cabinet, it makes it convenient and easy to access at all times. Unlike other loose items, a magnet stays in the same spot.

A photo frame wedding magnet style is also a wonderful idea because guests can choose to put a picture in the frame of the magnet. It also gives the couple and opportunity to create two magnets, respectively. The punch out area of a photo frame magnet can ultimately become a standalone magnet when the guest replaces the photo. Best yet, even after the wedding, guests can use the photo frame magnet for personal uses and still have the use of the magnet.

Whichever design works for you, it will be a save the date wedding magnet you will remember for life. Every part of your wedding counts and the save the dates are the first glimpse into your wedding day- make them special!

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