Custom Shaped Magnets – Add Fun to Your Promotion!

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Are you tired of the same promotion that is getting stale and going unnoticed? If yes, there is a solution that is both effective and fun. With custom shaped magnets, a business can add a unique character to their company’s image and spice up their promotion.

The fact is people love refrigerator magnets because they are useful and provide an easy reference point. In today’s world, convenience and dual purposes are king! By providing business magnets to potential customers, you are giving them just that.

Custom shaped magnets can be anything you want them to be. This could be an outline of a logo, a unique shape to grab attention such as a splat mark and more. For those that cannot find what they are looking for in the stock shapes, a custom shape is a perfect solution!

Custom shaped magnets are very easy to order. All you need to do is know what shape you are looking for, submit the design and Payless Magnets will take care of the rest. We are one of the most reputable magnet companies in our industry because we consistently deliver a high quality magnet product and have superior customer service. We understand that each business has specific needs and there is never a “one size fits all” solution. If you are having trouble picking something out or need more information to make a more informed decision, please contact us for assistance.

Choosing custom shaped magnets is an opportunity for a business to stand out in the crowd, surprise their customers with something fun and reap the benefits of having one of the best and most prominent locations available- on the fridge.

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