Create Successful Picture Frame Magnets for Advertising

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If you are like most people, when you hear the term picture frame magnets, you wonder what it is. More than likely, at some point, you have actually come across a picture frame magnet. A picture frame magnet is a photo frame in a magnet form. This allows people to place pictures of family, friends and pets on the front or side of their refrigerator. People love picture frame magnets because they work well and offer a glimpse of something special every time they open the fridge.

Before your design even makes it onto the picture frame magnets, your advertising choice already has a unique benefit; the picture frame magnet is actually two magnets! The center part of the photo frame area, when punched out, can become a standalone magnet. In order to use this type of advertising to the fullest effect, the design of your customized magnet will have to integrate seamlessly.

When creating the design for your magnet, take in consideration two things; the look when the center is punched out and then when the center is not punched out. When the magnet is in the complete form, it should look like a regular business magnet. When the center area is popped out, it should look like a photo frame.

One of the most common concerns when the center is popped out is that the advertising stops. The truth is, one of two of these situations will happen- they will pop out the center and toss it in the trash, or, the more likely of the two- they will use it in another location on the fridge because it is useful. This is where maximizing the business magnet comes in. When they are separated, you now have two advertising tools. The frame should have your business name, or preferably website if you have one (or both). This information should be located at the top of the frame or below the frame.

The other magnet is where the bulk of the information should go. This would include all the information you need in order to communicate what your business does and more importantly, how the business can be contacted.

By placing the company information in two spots on business magnets, you are increasing exposure, getting two magnets out of one and offering your customers more reference points. Your potential customers will love their picture frame magnets! By creating an item that offers both parties something, this advertising choice is hard to beat!

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