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Save the date invitations are the first glimpse your guests will have into the style and theme of your wedding. For occasions such as weddings, custom items are high on the list. Choosing to select personalized save the date magnets for your save the date choice is unique and very effective.

Just like any truly customizable item, personalized save the date magnets can be designed from start to finish. Colors, images, content and more help to create a save the date magnet that you and your guests will love. There are many styles to choose from and picking the perfect wedding magnets for your needs is easy.

Calendar Save the Date Magnets
Calendar save the dates are a very popular option because they offer a lot to the guests. Not only do guests get a calendar to place on their fridge, they also get a fridge magnet plus a reminder of when the wedding is. Many people like to take the customization further and circle the actual date on the calendar of the save the date magnet.

Photo Frame Save the Date Magnets
Photo frame save the date magnets are also a very popular choice. Instead of just acting like a regular magnet that holds papers, it also can be utilized as a photo frame. This is great because people love to have pictures of friends, family and loved ones around whenever they can. Photos on refrigerators is very common and offers another useful feature to your save the date.

Traditional Save the Date Magnets
Traditional save the date magnets are those magnets that are square or rectangular in shape. They typically have a picture of the couple on the magnet along with the important information.

Whichever style save the date wedding magnet you choose, it will be seen daily. Magnets are one of those items that people see multiple times a day because the refrigerator is one area that we cannot avoid.

Once you select your style for your personalized save the date magnets, you will be able to incorporate the main image elements and determine information placement. The placement of images and information is different for every wedding magnet that is available. Certain pictures work better with certain designs and so on. The personalization wedding magnets is completely in your hands which means you can create the perfect addition to your wedding. The best part is that they are very affordable.

Choosing personalized save the date magnets are an excellent idea because they serve as excellent reminders, cost less than many save the date selections and do not get damaged like card stock save the dates do.

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