Create Business Card Magnets in 3 Easy Steps!

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Creating business card magnets is easy! Follow the three simple steps below and you will be on your way to creating customized business card magnets that are professional, convenient and effective.

Step 1: Choose a Business Magnet Style
Choose a business magnet style that best represents what you are trying to accomplish. The traditional business card magnet is the shape and size of a business card. You can choose larger options for more presence but if you are looking for the business card look, the 2” by 3 ½” magnet sizes are the best option. If you choose this selection, you will have the choice of rounded corners or straight corners.

Step 2: Create a Design
You will need to add a design to put on your business card magnets. If you already have business cards, you can use the same design for the magnets as well. This allows a company to remain consistent in their approach to branding their company. Moreover, you will be able to easily compare the traditional card stock business cards to the business card magnets and see which one proves to be better for your company’s needs.

Step 3: Sens Us Your Design
Once you have your design, you can email it to us or even mail it if the file is too large. Placing your order with us is really easy. Be sure to include all your important information in your email. Double check to make sure your design is clear and is free from grammatical or graphical errors.

After you send us your design, the rest is up to us. We will create your custom business card magnets for you and ship them straight to your location.

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