Business Card Magnets – The Card That Doesn’t Wrinkle!

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Business cards are a wonderful tool to use as well as a necessity. There are some major drawbacks, however, with business cards that have more recently been solved by business card magnets. Thanks to business card magnets, we are able to have wrinkle free cards that portray important and relevant information to our clients or potential customers.

Business card magnets have the same look as a traditional business card. In fact, they almost look identical in appearance. There is always the option to make a customized business card magnet that has no relation to the business card design you currently have, however, if you are looking to be consistent, the option is there.

Wrinkled business cards can be a big turn off to many people- especially business minded people. In order to keep business cards looking good, we have to keep them in a special container. Even though we keep our business cards in a special container to keep the cards looking nice, we still have hand contact with them. We pull them out, put them in, run our fingers over them and more. By doing this, we create rough edges, torn cards and even cards that look like they have been through the wash!

With business card magnets, they always look professional and nicely handled. Payless magnets laminates with a high end UV nylon gloss laminate to ensure the longevity of your business card magnet. With magnets, you never have to worry about your professional card image again!

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