Business Card Magnets – Not All Products Are Created Equally

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It is a known fact, no matter what type of product you get, that all products vary in quality. The same holds true for business card magnets. How can you determine a quality business card magnet? Below are some common answers to questions businesses should be asking when they order custom magnets of any kind.

Q: How thick is the magnet portion of the business card magnet?
A: The magnet portion of the business card magnet should be 20 mil thick. This is a good thickness so that the magnet sticks, does not get deformed but still remains easy to take off and put on. The combination of magnet thickness and image thickness should equal 30 mil. Be careful of companies that say they provide 30 mil thick magnets but give customers 20 mil in image and 10 mil in magnet. This will produce a flimsy and unreliable magnet.

Q: What lamination do you use?
A: Quality business card magnets should have UV nylon gloss lamination and not just a clear ink overlay. Clear ink overlays do not protect against liquid, chemicals or normal handling.

Q: Is there a limit on how many colors I can use?
A: Quality magnets should not have a color limit.

Q: Will there be any additional charges?
A: Be sure to make sure companies are not charging extra for “normal” processing to be done. Such items are scanning, different colors, setup charges, artwork charges, gloss coating and more.

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