Square and Rectangle Advertising Magnets

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Among the many different styles to choose from in the business magnet lineup is a square or rectangle advertising magnet. The box styles are a traditional advertising form that is widely recognized throughout mailers, flyer and other advertising mediums.

Payless Magnets offers a variety of square and rectangle advertising magnets. Each one of the selections can be custom designed to the company’s specifications. The design process is usually easy on square shaped advertising magnets because everything is directly proportional compared to a custom shape magnet.

Rectangle and square shaped magnets can be turned into promotional material of even informational material. Some advertisings magnets such as seen in these selections are used to walk an associate of the company through steps and serve as a reminder or guiding tool in the workplace.

There are numerous ways companies as well as recipients of the advertising magnet can benefit. Businesses get advertising out of the magnet and recipients get use out of them. Payless Magnets creates advertising magnets that can hold 5 sheets of paper with no problem. We also laminate our business magnets of high quality UV nylon gloss so that your magnets stay looking brand new and professional.

Check out the selection of square and rectangle advertising magnets and see if they will work with your design. If your business needs help with a design, Payless Magnets will be more than happy to be of assistance in helping you fulfill the needs of the business.

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