Save the Date Magnets – Practical and Fun!

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Save the date magnets are both practical and fun. They offer a magnet to use on a fridge or filing cabinet and they inform people when your wedding will be. The best part about creating customized save the date magnets is the design.

Many couples choose to take pictures of themselves together in a certain spot. This spot could be at a local park, a place where they met or any other special place. Some couples even have an engagement photo session and choose their favorite photo to place on the save the date magnet.

Another fun option is to create a cartoon strip or stick to a theme that identifies what the couple loves. A couple who loves to game could create a gaming look just as a couple who loves to fish could make an underwater theme. The choices are endless.

The most important thing to remember when creating your save the date magnets is to have fun while doing it. They should give a hint to your wedding style but really just focus on you both as a couple. Showing personality through your save the dates is a perfect way to start off your wedding.

Having fun while making your magnets will convey through onto the magnets your guests receive. Not only will they have something that is very useful around the house or office- they will have a piece of the happiness that you two share.

Visit our save the Save the Date Magnets section to get started on creating your customized save the dates!

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